If you’re reading this this is actually an unfinished piece that I just wanted to put on my website to make myself feel good! It will be completed by the end of next week (good friday) - running shots replaced, voiceover added…. Lucky you for spotting this ;)


Luxury cycling clothing brand Le Col, whose - incidentally - products I really believe in, asked me to create a set of ‘bold’ images to launch Sir Bradley Wiggins’ new winter range. After some faffing on foot it quickly became apparent that we should hire a tuc tuc and chase light round Oxford Circus for an hour - like kids.


A Levi's apparel style film. Tom and I both had a laugh creating this; we both knew we wanted to explore Thetford forest and create a visual synergy between fashion and nature. We actually went into it with the licensed song in mind, and built the direction of shooting around the feeling of defiance the track gave us.


With a commissioned runner as talent, roaming guerrilla-style and permit-less around London with Soar Running’s new winter tights and lightweight running top, we created a bunch of standout images for then soon to be released garments.


A subject that needs as much attention and openness as possible. A cycling team and client VELO partnered with Prostate Cancer UK to help try to spread the word about the effects, symptoms and diagnoses of this disease throughout the elite cycling scene. There was a fairly large instagram ad purchase for this motion piece and I hope the project went some small way to helping.

boy skateboarding kid with sun flare copy.jpg
NRV STOCK 29.jpg

Chilled out and spec; Tom and I just do our thing. Creating still frames earlier in the day then with the sun lowering we journeyed to a road that had captivated us previously with its ‘American-feeling’ wide open sense of space and filmed what can only be described as a character study.